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TX DMV VTR-34 2021-2024 free printable template

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Application for a Certified Copy of Title InformationThis form is used to apply for a Certified Copy of Texas Title for a motor vehicle if the original Texas Certificate of Title is lost, stolen, or
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Dot is at your service millions of vehicles change hands each year in Texas when you do what state law requires sellers to do you'll be protecting yourself from being held responsible for what happens with a vehicle that you no longer own by following a few simple steps you can save time and money the best way to guard against making mistakes when you sell your vehicle to an individual go with the buyer to the local county tax office and let the experts help you complete the sale now let's go over what you need to do when you're selling or trading in your vehicle step 1 sign the vehicles title and the buyers' application for a new title properly complete the back of the title for the new owner you'll need to sign and date it and enter the vehicles' mileage from the odometer you must also write in the sales price and sign an application for Texas certificate of title form 1:30 you, so the new owner can retitle the vehicle in his or her name you can download the form at WWF gov step to record the VIN and new owner information make a note of the vehicle identification number and the date that you turned over the vehicle whether it's a dealer or individual be sure to keep the new owner's name address and phone number keep the records in a safe place in case there is ever a question about the vehicle step 3 keep your license plates and registration sticker when you sell or trade in your car or truck you can transfer your license plates to another vehicle you buy or own for only $5 at the county tax office be sure to remove the registration sticker from the vehicles' windshield when you take off the plates it forces the new owner to get a title in his or her name and protects you as the former owner if you're doing business with a dealership ask the dealership to transfer the plates for you reusing the plates on another vehicle you own means you won't have to memorize the new plate number it's also the green thing to do making fewer new plates saves taxpayers money and helps the environment step four go to the county tax office with the buyer the best way to protect yourself is for you to go with a buyer to the local county tax office it's the only way you can be sure the new owner retitled the vehicle and his or her name this keeps you the seller from being held liable for anything the new owner may do with a vehicle if a trip to the county tax office with the buyer isn't possible make sure you file a vehicle transfer notification within 30 days it's easy to file online, and it's also free the vehicle transfer notification let's text no you sold the vehicle and that helps protect you from financial liability until the person who bought your vehicle titles it in his or her name you are still listed as the owner in the state's official records without the vehicle transfer notification you could be held responsible for new parking tickets or tolled violations, or you could even find yourself in the middle of an investigation if the vehicle is used to...

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A copy title will include the name of the current registered owner, the vehicle description (make, model, year, VIN), and the date of the transfer. It may also include details of any liens against the vehicle as well as names and addresses of any previous owners.
The deadline to file copy title in 2023 depends on the state in which you are filing. Generally, all states have different requirements for filing for a copy title, so it is best to check with your local Department of Motor Vehicles for the exact requirements and deadlines.
The penalty for the late filing of a copy title varies by state, but generally it is a monetary fine. In some states, the late filing penalty is a percentage of the title fee, while in others, the penalty is a flat fee regardless of the title fee amount.
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